Renovation Project

Times Record 09102014

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In 2010 an unsuccessful application was made to acquire a Federal grant administered through the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) to restore Ridgely’s 1892 Train Station as a Visitor’s Center.  Below are preliminary designs of the failed attempt.

Station_2009 Prelim FloorPlanStation_2009 Prelim Elevations

In 2013 another application was submitted to acquire a same Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grant to restore the 1892 Ridgely Train Station as an Interpretive Center. This application was approved and the plans are to have the station restored in time for the Town of Ridgely’s 150th Anniversary in May of 2017. Preliminary designs have been amended to relocate the existing handicap ramp and alter the inside bathroom’s location.

04 Slide Floor Plan2015Plan