Doretha V. Dobson-Coston

Doretha V. Dobson-Coston known as (Tulip) was born in Ridgely, Md. On February 15,1942.

I attend the all Black Ridgely Elementary School with Mrs. Hannah Henry as my first grade teacher. I went  to Lockerman High School and dropped out in the 11th grade. The things that I remember about Ridgely as I was growing up were: the Milk Plant, Cherry’s Jewelry Store, Lucy’s Store, Charlie Stevenson’s Store, the 5& 10 Cents Store, and Mervin Cory’s TV store. I remember going in the town to see Santa Claus and going to the school to watch the Looney Tunes. After I left school I moved to Wilmington Del. and got married at a early age. I married Wayne Coston in 1959 and had four children. I started working at Wilmington General Hospital in Wilmington. When Mr. Coston and I divorced, I moved to Newark N.J and worked in The Childrens Hospital for a few years before returning to Wilmington DE.