Melvin J. Dobson

Melvin J. Dobson was born January 6,1944 in the Ridgely, MD.

My childhood was spent with Mr. Osborne Murray until I was 13 years old. At a early age I worked for Mr. James Brown ( Dick), and Mr. George Butler on Holly & Holsinger Road. I also worked for Mr. Rumsey Mulkin picking sweet corn, tomatoes and cucumbers during the summer. I also helped to get up hay and straw and any other little jobs that was to be done on a farm. Later I went to stay with Mr.& Mrs. Charles Watson in Burrisville, a town outside of Centreville, Md. 1 attend Kennard High School and graduated in 1962. I enlisted in the Navy for four (4) years and served on three different Navy vessels: (1) USS Jamestown, (2) USS Tutiwila (3) and the USS Vulcan. I helped to recommission the USS Jamestown in 1963 for sea worthy and made many trips over seas. In 1966 I was discharged, and moved to Wilmington DE.  I got a job at General Motors Corp. and worked for 38 years, retiring in 2003.

In 1968 I married Sylvia M. Kennedy and adopted Eric K. Miller as my son. I fathered Nina M. Dobson and we lived at 4102 New Castle Ave for many years.  I owned and operated two business: Dobson Services Inc. (DSU) cleaning and detailing cars, trucks, trailers and motor homes for different area dealers; and a Housing Rental Business.  I owned 14 rental properties and owned and operated Dobson Variety Store at 939 Pine St. and D&G Sub Shop on New Castle Ave.  All were listed under Dobson Service Unlimited Inc. In 2005,  I had a stroke and suffered a sickness and have been living in Ridgley with my niece.