Xmas Decorating Contest – 2017

On Friday evening, the 22nd of December, 2017, judges selected by the Ridgely
Historical Society drove by all the homes and businesses in Ridgely to judge                      Christmas lights and decorations.  This was the 9th year of the event and it has
grown from five winners in 2009 to twelve winners selected this year.

2017 winners included: All About Hair at 7 North Central Avenue, 9 Central Diner,
Robert Pylant and Shandi Welch at 105 Sunrise Avenue, Leroy Harris at 12095
School Street, Tom & Roberta Kaub at 9 Maple Avenue, Karen Snowberger at 106
Sunrise Avenue, Joe & Jen Riley at 106 Central Avenue, Ken Phillips at 308 3rd Street,
Amanda Leal at 212 Park Avenue, Greg & Jennifer Nesselroad at 2 Walnut Street,
Chris & Carla Robbins at 15 Lister Lane, and Steve & Lillian Lone at 101 Lister Lane.

Thanks to the Ridgely Historical Society and the Ridgely Lions Club, each of the

were awarded a gift certificate to either the Ridgely Pharmacy or 9 Central Diner, a
Sesquicentennial T-Shirt, a Ridgely magnet, and a souvenir envelope with a cancellation
stamp authorized by the USPS celebrating Ridgely’s 150th birthday. This stamp was only
available between the Town’s Founder Day on May 13th and June 12th of this year before
being pulled from circulation by the post office and retired.

Congratulations to all the winners of 2017 as well as all the businesses and homes that were
decorated and helped provide holiday cheer throughout the Town of Ridgely, MD. This
year’s winners will not be eligible to win in 2018 in order to reward other businesses and
homes that also were well qualified to win. Hopefully many more will decorate in the
coming years in order to make Ridgely look even more festive at Christmas time.