Rodney Percell Dobson


I was born November 13, 1948 in Ridgely, MD on Hell’s Lane now called Nine Town Rd.  I started in Ridgely’s all black Elementary School in 1954 with Mrs.  Hannah Henry first grade class. In 1966 I graduated from the last all black class at Lockerman High School.  In 1968  I served in the US Army and was stationed in Vietnam from Oct. 1968 until Oct. 1969 .  In May of 1970,  I returned home to Ridgely. In Sep, 1970 I started working for GSA before transferring into the US Postal Service.  I began driving tractor trailer for 17 years before working in other positions, and eventually transferred to Easton, MD, 1993 as a custodian. I retired in 2004 after 36+ years of service. I  purchased a building lot from Colbert Henry in 1969,  and in 1973  purchased a home from James A Lynch, a local realtor. On August 30, 1986.  I married Bernice Mason at Replanted Zion Methodist Church in Ridgely.

In 1999 I  was asked by Al Boggess to come to a Lions Club meeting, and became the first  black member of the Ridgely Lions Club. In 2002, I was the first black president of the Ridgely Lions Club. In 2005 I became the Vice District Governor for 22B under District John Lawrence, and, in 2006, became District Governor, visiting all 48 towns in the Nine Eastern Shore Counties. In Boston, MA, I was sworn in along with 745 other governors from around the world.  For the last 10 years I have served as Secretary for the Ridgely Historical Society.


In 2009 , I started Dobson’s Dogs (the “ Dogs that don’t Bark”), working as a vendor selling hot dogs and hot sausage in Ridgely, Greensboro and Denton. An enterprise still flourishing today.